Eric Clapton Guests With Hawkwind in Guildford

Full set list and video below!

Hawkwind, the legendary pioneers of space rock, have been out on the road across the U.K. celebrating their 50th Anniversary this month. Founder member Dave Brock’s longtime friend, Eric Clapton, joined the band on stage for nearly an hour on November 25 at Guildford G Live. 

Eric’s friendship with Dave dates back to their teenage years in Surrey. Back in 1962, the blues enthusiasts performed as a guitar duo in the folk pubs, clubs and coffeehouses around the county. Last year, Dave revealed to Uncut magazine that he even used to go round to Eric’s house to listen to records. 

Eric stepped out for “The Watcher” in the final third of the main set. He played on the track on Hawkwind’s 2018 album, Road To Utopia.  He then remained on stage for four more songs – “Silver Machine,” Assault and Battery, The Golden Void, and Right To Decide – and joined the band for their three song encore.

For the main set, Eric played his Almond Green Signature Stratocaster through a Bandmaster amp. For the encore, he switched to his dark blue Strat.

Check out the full Hawkwind set list with guest Eric Clapton and some performance videos shared by Hawkwind fans to YouTube, below. 

Hawkwind with special guest Eric Clapton
Guildford G Live – November 25, 2019

01. Motorway City
02. Flesh Fondue
03. Last Man on Earth
04. The Song of the Gremlin
05. Born to Go / You Shoudn’t Do That / Born to Go
06. 65 Million Years Ago
07. In the Beginning
08. Spirit of the Age
09. The Fantasy of Faldum
10. The Watcher (with Eric Clapton)
11. Silver Machine (with Eric Clapton)
12. Assault and Battery (with Eric Clapton)
13. The Golden Void (with Eric Clapton)
14. Right to Decide (with Eric Clapton)
15. Hurry on Sundown (with Eric Clapton)
16. Master of the Universe (with Eric Clapton)
17. Welcome to the Future (with Eric Clapton)

Hawkwind Band Lineup:
Dave Brock
Richard Chadwick
Niall Hone
Magnus Martin

The Watcher (Hawkwind with Eric Clapton – November 25, 2019)

Silver Machine (Hawkwind with Eric Clapton – November 25, 2019)

Assault and Battery (Hawkwind with Eric Clapton – November 25, 2019)

Right To Decide (Hawkwind with Eric Clapton – November 25, 2019)

Master of the Universe (Hawkwind with Eric Clapton – November 25, 2019)

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