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The Where’s Eric! Team is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new section of, the Eric Clapton Discography. It classifies Eric Clapton’s full-length albums from his time in The Yardbirds to his present-day recordings and everything in between. Home video and DVD releases of concerts, music video compilations and documentaries are also included. All discography entries have cover art, track listings, release dates, format information and more. Titles are cross-referenced within the discography’s categories where appropriate. The Eric Clapton Discography can be viewed by clicking on the "Discography" button found at the top of each page of the website.

The discography does not include singles nor albums to which his songs were merely licensed, like the "Now" series of releases, "greatest rock songs ever"-type collections, annual hit collections, or radio station compilations. "Various Artist" collections are included only when they have a previously unreleased track or a song was recorded specifically for the project, such as "Stone Free – A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix".

Although the Where’s Eric! archives are extensive, they are by no means complete. The Where’s Eric! Team would like to invite all of Eric’s fans to help improve and expand the discography. You can email The Where’s Eric! Team new or additional information about Eric’s albums, videos and DVDs, as well as send improved or alternate cover art. If you are sending details about a release not presently included in the Eric Clapton Discography, please be sure to include all of the following in your email:
Cover Art
Release Date
Complete Track List [for guest sessions, please let us know what song(s) EC is featured on]

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