Eric Clapton And John Mayer Perform In New York

Eric Clapton joined John Mayer on stage during his Summer Concert Series performance for ABC-TV’s "Good Morning America" on 20 July 2007. The concert took place in New York City’s Bryant Park in midtownt Manhattan. John performed two songs before being joined by Eric for "Crossroads". After the show was over, John peformed an additional song for the live audience, many who had been in line from 3AM.

"Crossroads" was an appropriate choice as they debuted the new limited edition Eric Clapton Crossroads Stratocaster Guitar and Crossraods ’57 Twin Amp. The limited edition guitar and amp became available to the general public today from Fender. The guitars feature a unique "Crossroads Antigua" graphic designed and originally hand-drawn by Eric. The commemorative Crossroads ’57 Twin-Amps are modeled after the original ’57 Twin. The ’57 Twin-Amp is Eric’s personal amp of choice for studio and stage use. Interestingly, John’s Crossroads Guitar has been customized with a rosewood neck and John’s "Big Dipper" electronics, whereas the one played by Eric had a maple neck. After the song, John spoke for a few minutes to the show hosts about the significance of the guitars and the upcoming Crossroads Guitar Festival.

Watch Eric and John perform "Crossroads" on GMA Video link courtesy of ABC News

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