EC Rocks Jacksonville


It may have been cold temperture-wise in Florida on 26 March, but Eric Clapton certainly made up for it inside the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena. EC and the band have been knocking them out of the park nightly, to borrow a US baseball expression, and Jacksonville was no exception. The monster moment of the show came in “Sunshine of Your Love” with EC’s solo described as “dirty psychedilic shredding” by one Where’s Eric! contributor. Joe A concurred. He wrote, “Most reviewers start from the top of the set-list, but I am going straight to the first song of the encore, Sunshine of Your Love.  The Cream rose to the top with the power trio of Clapton-Weeks-Jordan.  I was left standing in awe at the raw power and full sound of this song.  The rest of the band members were at their finest as well.  Doyle Bramhall II’s superb accompaniment to Eric showed how tight this band actually is and demonstrated it song after song, solo after solo all evening.

I enjoyed it from the start of the show to the very last note of “High Time We Went”, the Joe Cocker anthem. Other highlights were Chris Stainton’s bright and brilliant keys were electrified by the unmistakable riff of the classic “Cocaine”, which was outstanding and true to the Slowhand Track 1 Side 1 original. The 2-hour show included two more Slowhand hits “Lay Down Sally” and “Wonderful Tonight” in the sit-down portion and a Robert Johnson set that was pure Clapton.”

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Eric Clapton Set List – 26 March 2013
Jacksonville, Florida

01. Hello Old Friend
02. My Father’s Eyes
03. Tell the Truth
04.  Gotta Get Over
05.  Black Cat Bone
06. Gotta Get Better In A Little While
07. Tempted
08. Badge
09. Driftin’
10. Tears in Heaven
11. Lay Down Sally
12. Wonderful Tonight
13. Layla
14. How Long
15. Stones in my Passway
16. Love in Vain
17 Crossroads
18 Little Queen of Spades
19. Cocaine
20. Sunshine
21. High Time We Went

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