EC at RAH: Night Six

The penultimate show at the fabulous Royal Albert Hall. It’s remarkable how this wonderful venue attracts Eric’s fans from all over the world and Where’s Eric! has been thrilled to meet members from Japan, the USA, Canada, South Africa and all over Europe already during this residency. Thanks also for your post show comments. Here’s a video clip with an RAH overview for those unable to attend. Thanks to Darren P for sending this in and for pointing out the Sheriff solo at 12.42 !

Ken N from Orono ME, USA commented:
A very fine Friday night at the RAH. Steve Jordan and Willie Weeks found a particularly deep groove on My Father’s Eyes, and it all seemed to unfold from there. When EC strapped on the black Strat for Tell The Truth he was definitely in the mood to play, and there was a lot of notable soloing throughout the evening. Gotta Get Over continues to gather force, and Got To Get Better In A Little While has been memorable every night that I have heard it played. Some nights Come Rain Or Come Shine is spot on, and some nights it isn’t. Last night it wasn’t smooth, but it is definitely a song to keep in the setlist. Badge was exceedingly lively, with EC playing what seemed like a longer than usual solo.

We were in the presence of the blue guitar for the entire unplugged set. No guitar switching around–just seven songs played on the blue Martin. Driftin’ was played and sung with feeling.  Other stand-outs for me were a very vulnerable Tears In Heaven and a rollicking Stones In My Passway. Those who had come for the hits did not go home disappointed, as Layla and Wonderful Tonight were also part of the acoustic set.

EC kind of lost his way early on in the solo to Blues Power, playing a few bum notes, but then responded by absolutely nailing the rest of the song and solo to the wall. Overall, that was the best performance of Blues Power I have seen. Little Queen of Spades was splendid as usual, and in his closing solo EC hit a few notes in the upper reaches I didn’t know existed. His solo on Night Four was terrific, but this one might have been better.

As we have come to expect on this tour, the encore was Sunshine Of Your Love followed by High Time We Went. Gary Clark Jr. came out for the end of Sunshine, and there was a lot of extended soloing and interplay between GCJr and EC. High Time We Went sent the crowd home with a final rush of R&B energy.

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24 May 2013 Set List – Eric Clapton & His Band
Royal Albert Hall – London (Night 6)

01. Hello Old Friend
02. My Fathers Eyes
03. Tell The Truth
04. Gotta Get Over
05. Black Cat Bone
06. Got To Get Better In A Little While
07. Come Rain Or Come Shine (EC & Paul Carrack – vocals)
08. Badge
09. Driftin’ Blues
10. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
11. It Ain’t Easy (Paul Carrack – vocals)
12. Layla
13. Tears in Heaven
14. Stones In My Passway
15. Wonderful Tonight
16. Blues Power
17. Love In Vain
18. Crossroads
19. Little Queen Of Spades
20. Cocaine
21. Sunshine Of Your Love (with Gary Clark Jr for the final part of the song)
22. High Time We Went (EC & Paul Carrack – vocals, with Gary Clark Jr.)

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