EC Featured On J.J. Cale’s New CD “Roll On”

On 24 February 2009, J.J. Cale’s new studio album "Roll On" will hit the streets. The title track is a collaboration with Eric Clapton and is previously unreleased. Cale wrote and produced all 12 tracks and plays all the instruments on the majority of them. Other tracks include "Who Knew" and "Former Me". The CD will also mark Cale’s debut release on the US-based label, Rounder Records.

A complete track list is not yet available.

Article updated with Track List – 24 February 2009

01. Who Knew
02. Former Me
03. Where The Sun Don’t Shine
04. Down To Memphis
05. Strange Days
06. Cherry Street
07. Fonda-Lina
08. Leaving In The Morning
09. Oh Mary
10. Old Friend
11. Roll On
12. Bring Down The Curtain

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