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On 17 April, Eric Clapton performed at Parken in Copenhagen, Denmark. Tour support was New Jersey-based (US) Robert Randolph and the Family Band. The complete set list was:

Let It Rain
Hoochie Coochie Man
Walk Out In The Rain
Bell Bottom Blues
I Shot The Sheriff
Milkcow’s Calf Blues
When You Got A Good Friend
They’re Red Hot
Kind Hearted Woman
Got To Get Better In A Little While
Have You Ever Loved A Woman
Wonderful Tonight
Sunshine Of Your Love (encore with Robert Randolph)
I Got My Mojo Workin’ (encore with Robert Randolph)

Yes – we’ve noticed that EC’s actual set list has "Hot Tamales" for song number 8 – but according to EC’s most recent CD, Me and Mr. Johnson, the proper title is indeed "They’re Red Hot"!

Several fans checked in with Where’s Eric! Here’s what they had to say:

Review  by Soeren D. Lund

Going to an Eric Clapton concert is as always a unique experience. Can the concerts still be of those “legendary unforgettable moments” – and the answer is simple – “Yes it can”. A man with a music background and experience as Eric’s – and additionally to that surrounded by some of the finest musicians in the business – it couldn’ t go wrong! And indeed it didn’t. I admit I loved the set of the “Reptile” tour – the mix of acoustic and electric performances. But this “electric” – concert set-up –was a breathtaking tour de force through some wonderful moments of great music pieces and showing unmatched musical skills of all the musicians. Steve Gadd as usual a magician with drumsticks, Nathan East – a solid rock on his bas, Billy Preston – the “one and only” on Hammond but also Doyle and Chris Stainton did a marvellous performances.

The starting act of a direct and powerful “Let it rain” made us aware of what was going to happen that night. And we wasn’t disappointed, ”Hoochie Coochie Man", ”Walk out in the rain" and “Bell Bottom Blues" followed as pearls on a string – and as the finest “pearl” – “I shot the sheriff”. This song lifted the good vibrations in Copenhagen to a higher level.

The set list continued with brilliant versions of “Milkcows calf blues”,” When you got a friend”,” They’re red hot”, "Kind hearted woman", "Got to get better in a little while” and ‘"Have you ever loved a woman". On every song Eric’s guitar “gently weeped”. The unique guitar skills of Eric is incontestable – but what makes him so unique – among other skilful guitarplayers – can best be described with these three words “feelings, soul and passion”!

The concert continued with “Badge” for the final session of the concert closing with three classic Eric Clapton pieces “Wonderful tonight”, “Layla” and “Cocaine” I brought my guitarplaying son, Kasper (14 years) to this concert and for him it was a huge experience to meet one of his all-time great idols. If a guy on 59 can play a Fender Stratocaster so graciously – there must be a potential for him to continue his own guitar-lessons. This night in Copenhagen will – from our point of view – be remembered for a very long time as one of the best EC concerts ever.

As other concert reviewers had mentioned – we also was deeply impressed by Robert Randolph and his family. Robert – a genius on pedalsteel-guitar came on stage again for the two encore pieces and managed to close the concert together with EC and band in an enormous crescendo. Played with nerve as well as laughter. Marvellous. Thanks Eric and co.

Review by Rasmus Sindberg

At about 20.00 Robert Randolph and the family band entered, playing their set. It was loud but it got the crowd warmed up. Personally i don’t like their style but technically they’re talented musicians. After their set, the stage was crowded with tour crew preparing for the main event. Im not sure if the concert was sold out, it looked as if it was. I managed to stand in first row in the middle of the stage – i was surprised that the stage was so close to the spectators.

You all know the setlist, so no need to go through that. During Let It Rain Eric looked around the huge arena, probably to take note of the acoustic environment. During Hoochie Coochie Man and Have you ever loved a woman? the back wall threw back the snare drum sound, which was a bit annoying but overall i think i worked out ok considering the fact that it’s a football stadium and not a concert venue. Bell Bottom Blues was finally played electric – but Steve Gadd sticked with the "new" way on the drums – Originally the snare and kick drum are switched which, in my opinion is better. Erics voice is excellent and the entire attitude of the show is much more aggressive and "rock and roll" than his last tour. I was very curious to hear how the new tracks would sound live, and i was amazed by both EC and Doyle – Milk cows calf blues was simply fantastic. As many other have noted, They’re red hot is not as good live as the other tracks, but the band seemed to enjoy performing it.

Doyle’s solo on have you ever loved a woman? had clapton saying both "yeah" and "woooh" – not into the mic, so this was only for the first 2 rows to experience. He really seemed to enjoy the music and his band. Doyle seemed very concentrated and only when the band cheered him for his amazing solo’s a smile appeared on his face. Nathan also seemed to have a great time, on several tracks almost outdancing the girls, to the amusement of Billy and Doyle. Unfortunately both Chris and Billy’s solos had a hard time in the huge arena, but they were both very motivated.

Badge was very good – not so soft and nice as on the reptile tour, but much more distorted and closer to the version on 24 nights. The Wonderful tonight – layla – cocaine package seems to be the best way to both please the crowd and leave a lot of space for all the other (better) stuff. ECs solos were tight, long and intense. At one point Doyles and Nathans eyes met and you could almost see their respect for Eric. During the encore Robert Randolph almost tipped over his pedal steel guitar, which made Eric laugh out loud. To the amusement of the entire band.

Generally i was very pleased with the performance and it seemed as if everybody in the arena were satisfied.

Review by Jakob Hoest

This was EC’s only concert in Scandinavia and the show was sold out very soon. 20.000 people was ready to experience ”The Master”. Parken has a capacity of about 40.000, but this time, the stage was placed in the center, and half the arena shut off. I believe that Parken could have been sold out completely, if they wanted to.

The sound quality in Parken is normally very poor, but the sound engineer did a great job.The best sound quality I’ve heard in Parken in the 15 years I’ve seen shows with other artists at this arena.

The set list followed the same list as the previous shows on this tour, so there were no news here. Up to Bell Bottom Blues it felt like the band used as a warm up. But as heard from previous shows, I Shot The Sheriff, blew the roof off. Here I’m tempted to qoute a wellknow graffiti from the sixties saying: ”Clapton Is God!”. I’m still, now hours after the show, blown away by this solo. The solo was easy and slow in the beginning, but rose along with a very well playing band to supreme hights at the end.

Neither me or any of my friends were capable of listening to the first Robert Johnson song after that performance. Everywhere I looked around, people where astonished by this powerfull solo. After the blues section, EC turned back to the old classics ending with great peformancies of especially Layla and Cocaine.

The only negative thing to say about the evening, is that the crowd seamed very calm. Only few on the balcony, where I was, stood up cheering during the show. Big mistake, in my point of view. All in all, my 4th EC show since ”Legends” in Tivoli, Copenhagen in 1997, was one of the best ever. I’m ready, when he returns…

Where’s Eric!
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