Crossroads Centre Antigua Charity Auction

Eric Clapton has donated two guitars from his personal collection to a very special online auction to benefit Crossroads Centre Antigua. Bidding starts September 1 at or by texting xroads to 243725. You can also help Crossroads help people by making a donation. 

The first guitar of Eric’s available in this charitable auction is the #3 Prototype for the Gibson 1964 Limited-Edition Reissue of his famous Firebird. The guitar was made using authentic construction methods and precise dimensions scanned from 1964 Firebird models. It’s outfitted with a newly-developed Alnico V Firebird pickup to recapture the scorching output and searing tones of the original. It also features a replica of the guitar strap Eric used with the guitar, a replica of the original case and more.

The second instrument from Eric’s personal collection is the 50th Anniversary Blind Faith Fender Telecaster. This guitar is a recreation, modified with a Stratocaster Neck, as used by Eric at the Blind Faith show in Hyde Park, London on June 7, 1969.

Head to or text xroads to 243725 now for complete auction details and to bid on these very unique instruments. Proceeds benefit the work of Crossroads Centre Antigua. Bidding ends October 6 at 11:00 p.m. CDT.

About The Crossroads Centre, Antigua:
Founded in 1998 by Eric Clapton, Crossroads Centre Antigua was created to provide treatment and education to chemically and alcohol dependent persons, their families and their significant others. Treatment is provided through residential care, family and aftercare programs. The pathway to recovery is founded on the 12 steps and a change in lifestyle. Crossroads Centre, Antigua also operates a 16 bed halfway house in Antigua called the Bevon House and facilitates various ongoing recovery initiatives on the island of Antigua and the Caribbean.

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