Cream Reunion: New York Night Two

For those going to the final Cream Reunion show on 26 October, this is a spoiler. If you don’t want to know the set list prior to the performance, it’s advised that you stop reading now.

The second of three reunion concerts by the legendary band Cream happened at Madison Square Garden on 25 October 2005.

Here are some quotes from fans who attended the gig:

"From the very first chorus of "I’m So Glad", I could not believe that this wall of sound was being produced by 3 men in their 60s! Two hours later "Toad" & "Sunshine of Your Love" were still potent!!! The energy & chemistry between them was like nothing I’ve seen anywhere before. Way better than the new DVD release. It was like a band with something to prove, not a reunion of 3 legendary veterans." – Ritchie DeCarlo

"The playing was superb, as you would suspect. They played with more aggressiveness than at the Albert shows. Clapton, in particular, sporting his pre-Yardbirds era crew cut, let it rip. He approached this level in spots during the ’90s blues tour, but this time he maintained the level through the whole show. His tone was much cleaner than even during the RAH shows (proving feeling really does reside in the hands, not the gear)." – Sam King

"Was it just me, or was the guitar louder tonight? Were the solos more "together" tonight? Was that drum solo in Toad even tighter than the night before?? It looks like after the opening night jitters, the boys came in like gangbusters. I swear, the guitar amp was turned on louder, or EC just played with more conviction. The notes coming off the guitar were more crisp, more sustained. EC took charge tonight. A dosage of selfishness was in him this evening (which is good)… he took more time with his solos and really bent those strings. Every song, he delivered a better solo than the last.
– Daniel Tsang

"I don’t think I’ve ever heard Eric play better than on Stormy Monday. Just amazing, amazing work. High fret work on the first solo, with blazing runs that you think can’t build any more, and then he takes it even higher. We’re Going Wrong sounded outstanding. Jack’s voice was pure and powerful, Ginger’s tom work perfect, and Eric’s solo was tasty and fiery." – Ken Scudder

Full length fan reviews and more information about these very special concerts will be posted in the Tour Section of for the three New York Reunion Concerts.

Cream Set List / 25 October 2005

I’m So Glad
Outside Woman Blues
Pressed Rat
Sleepy Time Time
Tales of Brave Ulysses
Sweet Wine
Rolllin’ & Tumblin
Stormy Monday
Deserted Cities
Born Under A Bad Sign
We’re Going Wrong
Sitting On Top Of The World
White Room
Sunshine Of Your Love

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