Clapton’s Official eBay Store Supports Crossroads Centre Antigua

Eric Clapton Sales is an officially sanctioned eBay Store where all proceeds from items sold benefit the Crossroads Centre at Antigua. Everything sold in the online store is genuine Eric Clapton merchandise.

Visitors to Eric Clapton Sales on eBay can purchase unique collectibles like backstage passes (unused from previous tours), tour programmes (from previous tours), catalogs from the 2004 guitar auction, caps, a variety of T-shirts, caps, promotional items and more! The available items change periodically and can include items like the Crossroads Guitar Festival Display pictured on this page which was used to promote the Crossroads Festival DVD.

Eric Clapton Sales ships worldwide.

About Crossroads Centre:
The Crossroads Centre at Antigua is an international, non-profit facility for recovery from alcohol and drug dependence found by Eric Clapton in 1997. The mission is to provide quality care and treatment that is both affordable and accessible. In keeping with this, a foundation based in the United States and a charitable trust in the United Kingdom raise funds to help support those who are unable to afford treatment. For more information, visit their website: Crossroads Centre at Antigua.

Visit the eBay Store at Eric Clapton Sales.


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