Clapton’s Autobiography To Be Published In Twelve Languages … More To Come

"Clapton – The Autobiography" is currently slated to be published in 12 languages, with more to come. Besides the U.K. / U.S. English editions, the book will be published in Dutch, French, German, Portuguese, Danish, Czech, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Swedish and Finnish. The French edition has its own specially created mini-website to help celebrate the book’s publication.

The highly anticipated book goes on sale Tuesday, 9 October 2007 in the U.K., U.S. and The Netherlands. The French, German and Portuguese editions arrive later in the month. Other editions go on sale at later dates.

"Clapton – The Autobiography" International Editions
As of 1 October 2007

9 October 2007: Published by R Books / The Random House Group (U.K.)
9 October 2007: Published by Broadway Books (U.S.)
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9 October 2007: Published by Nieuw Amsterdam

11 October 2007: Published by Buchet Chastel
Eric Clapton French Mini-Site

29 October 2007: Published by Kiepenheur & Witsch

Portuguese (Brazil)
October 2007: Published by Planeta (exact date TBA)

17 November 2007: Published by Gyldendal

November 2007: Published by Lidove Noviny (exact date TBA)

Late November / Early December 2007: Published by Global Rhythm Press (exact date TBA)

March 2008: Published by Sperling (exact date TBA)

March 2008: Published by East Press (exact date TBA)

March 2008: Published by Damm Sweden (exact date and website TBA)

August 2008: Published by Otava (exact date TBA)

Note: As publication dates have not yet been announced for all editions, "Clapton – The Autobiography" may not yet be listed on a publisher’s website.

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