Clapton Takes Part In Scotty Moore Tribute At Abbey Road Studios

On 2 and 3 December 2004, a concert-style tribute to guitarist Scotty Moore was filmed at London’s famed Abbey Road Studios. Moore is considered one of the true innovators of early rock guitar. In 1954, he was working at Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee when studio owner Sam Phillips auditioned Elvis Presley. The audition yielded Elvis’ first single, “That’s Alright Mama” and Moore began his 14 year association with Presley playing on some of the King’s greatest hits of the 1950s and early 1960s.

On the first day of filming, Eric played on three numbers with work being completed in about two-hours. The only other celebrity of note present at the time was Mark Knopfler. The bulk of the filming occurred on the following day, but Eric did not attend. Other participants in the project included David Gilmour, Bill Wyman, Ron Wood, and Albert Lee. The audience was the same for both days. As it was filmed, audience members were asked to wear the same clothes!

The DVD should be released sometime in 2005. It is not known at this time if it will also be aired on television.

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