Clapton Performs Two Songs On “Later … With Jools Holland.” Extended Broadcast Airs Friday.

[Updated with Extended Broadcast News from 5 November] Eric Clapton was one of the featured guests on the 30 minute live broadcast of "Later … With Jools Holland" on 2 November on BBC Two. Accompanied by Chris Stainton (keyboards), Henry Spinetti (drums) and Dave Bronze (bass), EC performed "Travellin’ Alone" and "When Somebody Thinks You’re Wonderful" from his most recent studio album, "Clapton." A tweet sent by a viewer of the show to #laterjools reported he played a Gibson Les Paul. EC was also briefly interviewed by Jools. An extended recorded edition of the show will air on Friday 5 November at 23:50. The Friday broadcast will include the performances from Tuesday’s show along with an additional half hour of music and chat. Other guests on the episode were Kings of Leon, MIA, Vaccines, Bellowhead and Jonathan Jeremiah. "Later … With Jools Holland" is broadcast on BBC Two with a simulcast on BBC HD. Residents of the UK can also watch the show online with BBC iPlayer or at The latter site also hosts videos and photos from the programme.

UPDATE on the extended 5 November broadcast on BBC Two: "When Somebody Thinks You’re Wonderful" did not air on the Friday "Later … With Jools Holland" show. Instead, "Rockin’ Chair" and "Crossroads" were the featured performances with Jools Holland joining in. The interview segment was also edited.  

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