Clapton On New Bruce Hornsby Album

Bruce Hornsby recently signed a multi-album deal with Columbia Records, home to musical giants Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and as of April, Prince.

The singer, songwriter and piano player is pleased with his new business deal.

“This is just about the best place I could be right now,” Hornsby said this week. “Basically, they really liked the record I made. That’s what it boiled down to in 1985 and that’s what it boiled down to this time.”

Working without label backing, Hornsby recorded his new CD “Halcyon Days,” which Columbia plans to release in August. The new set of songs will feature guest appearances from Hornsby’s high-profile music friends including Eric Clapton, Sting and Elton John. The label is releasing it with no major alterations, Hornsby said.

“It’s a very deep album, really wonderful,” said Fran DeFeo, publicist for Columbia. “The piano playing is exquisite, of course. From the first cut, it just jumps out at you. You say, ‘That’s him, that’s Bruce.’ ”

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