Clapton Guests On New Jack Bruce CD, “Shadows In The Air”

Jack Bruce will release his new CD, "Shadows In The Air" on 10 July 2001. Guests include Dr. John and Gary Moore. His former Cream bandmage, Eric Clapton, joined Bruce in the studio to record new versions of Cream classics "White Room" and "Sunshine Of Your Love".

Track List:

  1. Out Into the Fields
  2. 52nd Street
  3. Heart Quake
  4. Boston Ball Game 1967
  5. This Anger’s a Liar
  6. Sunshine of Your Love (with Eric Clapton)
  7. Directions Home
  8. Milonga
  9. Dancing On Air
  10. Windowless Rooms
  11. Dark Heart
  12. Mr Flesh
  13. He The Richmond
  14. White Room (with Eric Clapton)
  15. Surge


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