Clapton Conquers Music City

Eric Clapton and His Band  conquered America’s  ‘Music City” – Nashville – on 22 March. Jake M tells the night’s story: “Exceptional musicianship, live-production, and soaring solos. I’m a 19 year old lead guitar player/vocalist pursuing a career in music. I have been greatly influenced by Eric since the age of five.  Eric was on fire…top-notch vocals…fluid and precise guitar playing…and a very responsive crowd.  The band was in sync with Eric the entire night. Steve Jordan’s drumming on the encore number “Sunshine of your Love” blew me away. Very reminiscent of Ginger Baker. Doyle Bramhall II guitar solo on “Little Queen of Spades” was phrased wonderfully.  A lot of emotion.  Chris Stainton’s piano break on “Little Queen of Spades”  put chills down my spine.  Paul Carrack’s classic “How Long” was a great treat to hear. Willie Week’s awesome groove on “Got to get better in a little while” carried the song. Eric really put everything he had into this performance. His guitar playing is strong as ever.  Incredible tone. The audience was great…every time Clapton took a solo the crowd just erupted! Cocaine was the crowd favorite. Eric is the consummate performer…hasn’t lost a step. Incredible musician. Outstanding Show.”

Bob D flew in from the west coast. He wrote, “I’m a veteran of close to 75  EC shows over the last 38 years. Tonight’s show in Nashville was a monster and definitely in the top 5. Simply amazing, stronger than the 06/07 shows. Twenty two songs, 2 plus hours. EC has an unbelievable tone and there’s lots of volume, wah wah and distortion. The solos truly take flight. Greg Leisz on mandolin and pedal steel rounds out the sound. Michelle and Sharon? Best backing duo he’s ever had. If you’re going to a show, pay attention to them during Gotta Get Over. Steve and Willie are the force driving the band along. Paul carrack (great vocals on his 3 songs with great accompaniment from EC) and Chris Stainton both amazing. Highlights for me were tell The Truth, Black Cat Bone, and the Robert Johnson set in the last part of the show. I actually enjoyed the unplugged jazzy reworking of Wonderful Tonight, too. Don’t miss this tour.”

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22 March 2013 – Nashville TN
1. Hello Old Friend
2. My Father’s Eyes
3. Tell The Truth
4. Gotta Get Over
5. Black Cat Bone
6. Gotta Get Better In A Little While
7. Tempted
8. I Shot The Sheriff
9. Driftin’
10. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
11. Tears In Heaven
12. Goodnight Irene
13. Wonderful Tonight
14. How Long
15. Stones In My Passway
16. Love In Vain
17. Crossroads
18. Little Queen Of Spades
19. Cocaine
20. Sunshine Of Your Love
21. High Time We Went

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