Clapton Concert Details: Osaka Jo Hall 20 November 2003

Eric Clapton wrapped up his three concerts in Osaka on 20 November. The complete set list was:

01. When You Got A Good Friend
02. Crossroads
03. I Shot The Sheriff
04. Bell Bottom Blues
05. Reconsider Baby
06. Can’t Find My Way Home
07. White Room
08. I Want A Little Girl
09. Got My Mojo Working
10. Hoochie Coochie Man
11. Change The World
12. Five Long Years
13. Kind Hearted Woman
14. Badge
15. River Of Tears
16. Lay Down Sally
17. Wonderful Tonight
18. Cocaine
19. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
20. Layla
21. Sunshine Of Your Love (encore)
22. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (encore)

Band Line Up:
Eric Clapton – Vocals, Guitar
Nathan East – Bass
Steve Gadd – Drums
Andy Fairweather Low – Guitar
Chris Stainton – Keyboards

Concert Review By Jii Aoi

Yesterday’s show adds to the already blown list of Eric’s Osakan legends, but we didn’t predict another would come the following day.

The final, third night in Osaka 2003 turned out to be another marvelous show. This is a rare occurence that two consecutive nights are both on-shows and, combined, they consist of twin legends that are likely to be handed down hereafter.

Again, solos were full of surprises. Probably the biggest feature of the Osaka shows this time, especially the second and the third nights, is that there were very few autopiloted solos-not too many times well-tested and worn out phrases were recognised through both shows. Of all the Japanese tours to this day, never did Eric spin out so many clever, inventive solos as in these shows, which has made even the usual suspects like "Sheriff", "Badge", "Cocaine", "Layla", "Sunshine" etc. sound more refreshing than ever. Maybe Eric was more motivated to play than usual as these were the first dates of the first tour in a long while for him.

Although "Five Long Years" could have been better, the emmotion ridden solos on "River of Tears" which was played instead of "Holy Mother", well made up for it.

And the audience was fantastic, too. There was a hot vibe which used to characterise the past Osaka shows revived, and the band fed off the energy to turn in a powerful performance which lasted two hours and ten minutes.

Eric left Osaka with the impression this is where he is!

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