Clapton & Company Wow Dallas Audience

Eric Clapton’s 50 Years Further On Up The Road Tour hit its stride in Dallas on 19 March. Telling the audience that Dallas is like a second home and that he has many friends in the city, EC tore through a 21 song set list in the 2+ hour show.  The set shuffled a bit with “Badge” (two distortion-filed solos from EC ) replaced “I Shot The Sheriff” and “Tears In Heaven” flipped with “Lay Down Sally”. The Dallas crowd was chuffed that “Layla” stayed in the set, unlike the Houston gig.  Lots of blues too like “Black Cat Bone” and “Love In Vain”.

Mike R sent an email shortly after the show ended: “Just home from the Dallas show, phenomenal.  Got to attend the Austin show on Sunday and as great as it was, EC’s energy was 50% higher tonight.   All credit to Steve Jordan for his over the top, drumming – so animated and such energy – truly incredible.  These were my 19th and 20th EC shows and truly rank in the top 5.  At 67, the guy is a wonder of nature.”

David S. fills us in with lots of details: “I went to the Houston gig and while the band was tight, EC didn’t get rolling until 2/3 of the show with the Little Queen of Spades. Don’t get me wrong, he played well just not incredible. The Houston crowd was subdued and that reflected EC’s playing. Dallas was a different show and it may be one of those you will remember for a lifetime. From the moment he strolled on stage to the moment he bowed and exited stage left, he was in great spirits, smiling, laughing and mixing it up with the band and audience.

What really got things kicking early was Eric’s extended soloing in Got To Get Over. The groove was cooking and EC took control. It was like that for the remainder of the night. Got to Get Better was amazing with Eric starting on the wah-wah and returning to it on the bridge. Doyle finished the song on the wah-wah while Eric soloed. The song sounding more like the Dominoes Live at the Fillmore than anytime in recent memory. Little Queen of Spades brought the best out of Doyle and Eric before the crowd favorite Cocaine ended the set. Sunshine of Your Love is always a treat to hear that iconic riff and the night ended with a rousing High Time We Went with Paul Carrack on vocals.

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19 March 2013 – Dallas, TX
1.  Hello Old Friend
2. My father’s Eyes
3. Tell the Truth
4.  Gotta Get Over
5.  Black Cat Bone
6. Gotta Get Better
7. Tempted
8. Badge
9. Driftin
10. Tears in Heaven
11. Lay Down Sally
12. Wonderful Tonite
13. Layla
14. How Long
15. Stones in my Passway
16. Love in Vain
17 Crossroads
18 Little Queen of Spades
19. Cocaine
20. Sunshine
21. High Time We Went

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