CD art for The Yardbirds Ultimate (Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck)


The Yardbirds



Release Date:

21 Jul 2003



Track List
Disc One:
01. Boom Boom (with Eric Clapton)
02. Honey In Your Hips (with Eric Clapton)
03. A Certain Girl (with Eric Clapton)
04. I Wish You Would (with Eric Clapton)
05. Too Much Monkey Business (with Eric Clapton / live)
06. I Got Love If You Want It (with Eric Clapton / live)
07. Smokestack Lightning (with Eric Clapton / live)
08. Here ‘Tis (with Eric Clapton / live)
09. Good Morning Little School Girl (with Eric Clapton)
10. Got To Hurry (with Eric Clapton)
11. I Ain’t Got You (with Eric Clapton)
12. For Your Love (with Eric Clapton)
13. I’m Not Talking
14. Steeled Blues
15. Heart Full Of Soul
16. I Ain’t Done Wrong
17. You’re A Better Man Than I
18. Shapes Of Things
19. Train Kept A Rollin’
20. New York City Blues
21. Evil Hearted You
22. I’m A Man
23. Still I’m Sad
24. Questa Volta
25. Pafff…Bum
Disc Two:
01. Lost Woman
02. Over Under Sideways Down
03. Nazz Are Blue, The
04. I Can’t Make Your Way
05. Rack My Mind
06. Hot House Of Omagarashid
07. Jeff’s Boogie
08. He’s Always There
09. Turn Into Earth
10. What Do You Want
11. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
12. Psycho Daisies
13. Stroll On
14. Little Games (single version)
15. Puzzles
16. White Summer
17. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor
18. No Excess Baggage
19. Drinking Muddy Water
20. Only The Black Rose
21. Ten Little Indians
22. Ha Ha Said The Clown
23. Goodnight Sweet Josephine (U.S. Version)
24. Think About It
25. Knowing
26. Mr. Zero
27. Shapes In My Mind

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