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Otis Spann


Beat Goes On

Release Date:

12 Jul 2005



Track List:
Disc One – The Blues of Otis Spann (1964)
01. Rock Me Mama
02. I Came from Clarksdale
03. Keep Your Hand Out of My Pocket
04. Spann’s Boogie
05. Sarah Street
06. The Blues Don’t Like Nobody
07. Meet Me in the Bottom
08. Lost Sheep in the Fold
09. I Got a Feeling
10. Jangleboogie
11. T.99
12. Natural Days
Disc Two – Cracked Spanner Head (1969)*
01. Crack Your Head
02. Iced Nehi
03. Wagon Wheel
04. No Sense in Worrying
05. Dollar Twenty Five
06. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
07. Lucky So and So
08. Sometimes I Wonder
09. Mr. Highway Man
10. What Will Become of Me
11. Pretty Girls Everywhere – with Eric Clapton
12. Country Boy
13. My Home in the Delta
14. You’re Gonna Need My Help

"Cracked Spanner Head" was first released on Decca / Deram in 1969. "Pretty Girls Everywhere" was not included on the ten track LP. It was not released until the album was issued on CD (first CD release information unknown). The track is now available on the 2005 double album release from Beat Goes On.

The Original LP Track List for "Cracked Spanner Head" in 1969 was:
Side One
01. Crack Your Head 
02. Iced Nehi 
03. Wagon Wheel 
04. No Sense in Worrying 
05. Dollar Twenty Five 
Side Two
01. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright 
02. Lucky So and So 
03. Sometimes I Wonder 
04. Mr. Highway Man 
05. What Will Become of Me 

Eric Clapton joined Spann in Decca Studios, West Hampstead, London on 4 May 1964. Two tracks were recorded. "Pretty Girls Everywhere" and "Stir Me Up" which has only appeared as an Otis Spann B-side.

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