album art track list bobby whitlock raw velvet guest eric clapton on guitar


Bobby Whitlock


ABC/Dunhill / CBS / Universal Japan

Release Date:

1 Dec 1972



LP Track List:
Side One
01. Tell the Truth
02. Bustin’ My Ass
03. Write You a Letter
04. Ease Your Pain
05. If You Ever
06. Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham
Side Two
01. You Came Along
02. Think About It
03. Satisfied
04. Dearest I Wonder
05. Start All Over

Note: Numerous sources report the above track list for the LP "Raw Velvet". However, Marc Roberty’s book, "Eric Clapton: The Complete Recording Sessions 1963-1995" indicates that there were two tracks featuring Eric on this LP: "Hello L.A. Bye Bye Birmingham" and "The Dreams Of A Hobo". The exact release date for "Raw Velvet" is unknown.

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