CD art for Sam Moore Overnight Sensational (with Clapton, Springsteen, Bon Jovi)


Sam Moore


Rhino / WEA

Release Date:

29 Aug 2006



Track List
01. I Can’t Stand the Rain – with Wynonna
02. Better to Have and Not Need – with Bruce Springsteen
03. Blame It on the Rain – with Fantasia
04. Lookin’ For a Love – with Jon Bon Jovi
05. Ain’t No Love – with Steve Winwood
06. None of Us Are Free – with Sting
07. It’s Only Make Believe – with Vince Gill
08. Don’t Play That Song – with Bekka Bramlett
09. If I Had No Loot – with Billy Gibbons
10. Riding Thumb – with Travis Tritt
11. We Shall Be Free – with Paul Rogers
12. You Are So Beautiful – with Zuccherro, Eric Clapton, Robert Randolph

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